Computer Aided Design: A Work-From-Home Option

If you are equipped with a certification in computer aided design, or CAD for short, you can look at options of offering to work from home.

Of course, assuming that you have a basic qualification in engineering, architecture, textile design, drafting, etc., this additional certification gives you an edge as most industries use computers for designing products and services. An enthusiastic student can also attempt online learning. There are many sites that offer online learning projects and tutorials in 2D and 3D CAD for free. However, to first land a good design job assignment, one needs some experience in the form of projects or an internship. This adds to the weight of experience when applying for a freelance project. Engineering design jobs are easier to find with CAD certification. One can opt to do product designing and drawings for the research and development wing of a company. An experienced architect can submit his drawings to a construction company. He can even set up his own building design company. He can simulate walkthroughs and even decide on the material for building and texture for appearance. An electrical engineering company would most likely outsource wiring estimates and wiring design services. An electrical engineer with CAD experience can offer these services from home. A creative artist can opt to set up a design studio to almost do all kinds of design jobs; he can offer textile designing services and even CAD printing services. He can design products as diverse as automobiles, aircraft, and skyscrapers, and jewelry with specialized CAD software. All these can be work-from-home options. Drafting services is another of this kind. Though there are already businesses that offer these services, the demand always outstrips the supply. Of course, one will need to possess the right kind of equipment to start the same and the marketing techniques to make your service known to the relevant customers.
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