How to Learn AutoCAD Drafting

If you have a good sense of design and like to work with computers then the field of computer aided drafting jobs might be for you. This field requires attention to detail, good foresight and strategic planning. AutoCAD jobs are often very high paying and there are many opportunities for advancement. It's a career path that is definitely worth the amount of education you have to put into it.

The good thing about this field is that the ability to show good work is more important that the amount of degrees you have. That being said you can get an associate's degree and enter the field provided you can show you have good skills. As you progress in the industry you may eventually have to go back and get a bachelor's degree for certain positions.

Skills in this field cannot be taught so much as they have to be learned. While an instructor can show you how to use the program, it's up to you to develop your own work. Being creative and independent can yield some of the best results. Considering what this software is mainly used for this is a very good thing.

Computer aided drafting jobs in the AutoCAD field are most often used for designing new buildings, cars and other products. Being able to build the object in a 3D simulation allows you to check for potential risks or problems. That being said AutoCAD jobs are always in high demand in areas where there is frequent construction or industry. Keep in mind though that this isn't an easy job.

First off there are thousands of people that have the same technical experience and education as you do. This is why education alone won't get you in the field. Designers are literally a dime a dozen and employers are going to want work that makes you stand out above the rest. While this can be said for any industry, it is especially of this field.

In order to land a job you need to practice constantly. Make good designs based off of modern methods and then make futuristic designs that may not be possible yet. This industry rewards creativity and ingenuity. But at the same time you need to show that you can create these things on a strict schedule. Learning proper time management techniques can be a big help in this area.

There is one thing that's required on a personal level for all computer aided drafting jobs. This is an ability to draw. It doesn't have to be museum quality but it can help to sketch out your ideas to others. It can also help you put things into perspective and even come up with new solutions for problems. After all, AutoCAD jobs are essentially asking you to draw on a computer, so being able to draw by hand can help immensely.

The best place to get your education for this field would be a vocational or trade school. Make sure you find one that's committed to its students. Above all, remember to keep learning independently in order to improve your skills.
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