Career Prospects in Computer Aided Design

Today the computer has taken away a lot of jobs that were originally done by hand. The technology which design professionals and architects use in their designs is called Computer Aided Design (CAD). The Computer Aided Design field has three sub-categories which have very little difference due to specific application, i.e., Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD), Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID) and Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD). All engineers, designers and architects have career prospects in computer aided design.

Career prospects in Computer Aided Design are also available in many industries like aerospace industries, industrial and architectural design, prosthetics, shipbuilding expertise and automotive industries. One can seek career prospects in Computer Aided Design in movies, advertising industry and technical manuals where CAD is widely brought in use in giving special effects through computer animation.

Career Prospects in Computer Aided Design can start as an Apprentice with a construction or an engineering firm. GCSEs in engineering, science, mathematics, technology, design or any equivalent qualification can make you eligible to undergo Apprenticeship. Your desire to learn and your enthusiasm are equal to your qualification in this field.  

Usually prior experience is not a pre-requisite to enter into Computer Aided Design. There can, however, be a requirement for domain knowledge depending upon the type of design application you are working. AutoCAD is used in automotive engineering for drafting automotive parts and creating initial design. If you have passion for cars and technologies in automobile, you can seek a career in Computer Aided Design and Drafting. Computer Aided Drafting is further branched into Architectural and Mechanical.

There are numerous career prospects in Computer Aided Design. To help designers in drafting images on line, you can work with architectural firms or individual architects; you have the option to work as assisting hands in companies, like Starbucks which requires CAD professionals to design their retail locations’ layout.

AutoCAD professionals can take up the career in Three Dimensional Design or Industrial Design and make things alive in three-dimensions. A Computer Aided Designer develops new products, builds digital models, solves problems of dimensional design, characterizes the products and designs prototypes etc. A career in Computer Aided Design also exists in film and television industry where special effects, artificial props for motion graphics and make up are created. Here a Computer Aided Designer can work as a bench animator, modeler, motion capture animator, shadier, game design animator or special effects artist.

There was a time when Computer Aided Drafting was applied only by Architectural engineers and Mechanical engineers. Today CAD has made access in all fields where creativity and designing is required and has opened many new avenues in career prospects in Computer Aided Design.

Computer Aided Design requires combination of logical thinking and creativity. Associate degree programs that are available nowadays in many training schools like Triangle-Tech which provide updated knowledge in AutoCAD technology and enhance your skills of creativity and logical thinking that are the key factors to guarantee your success in a career in Computer Aided Design.
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